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Key Executives

CEO - Edgar K. Riddick III, PE

Steadfast and strategic, Mr. Riddick engages next-generation leadership. With decades of experience in investigations, design, construction compliance, and multi-discipline installations, he brings a wealth of problem-solving tools to any design or investigation. He is an expert in medical gas systems, mechanical systems, Indoor Air Quality, and structural analysis. A dedicated family man, Mr. Riddick also gives generously to many local and international non-profit organizations.


Exec VP - Chris J. Teas, PE

Pushing any mental or physical limit, Mr. Teas drives our company to prosper and set premier standards. Responsible for large project management and forensics, he has over a decade of experience in, industrial plant design, commercial buildings, medical & biological laboratories, HAZMAT transportation, dynamic investigations and general R & D. Unique specialties include I.T. infrastructure design and programming for engineering applications.


Senior Civil - Aubrey N. Schrock, PE, PLS

Senior Structural - Linda Prather, PE

General Contact

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