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Project Management

A project born of solid design is successful only when the owner begins operations with a sense of satisfaction. Simple or complex, the project must function, be in budget and be on time. As a single-point director independent from contractors, Riddick delivers this success through design/bid, design/build, turnkey or leaseback strategies.

Riddick engages projects suited for the private individual to technology transfer regimens for foreign ministries. Our team experience includes the design and erection of our own office to project coordination for the Superdome, NORAD, and international nuclear power plants.


Areas of Expertise   Specialties
Multifirm Design Management
Construction Administration
Acceptance Reports
Assist Negotiating Changes
Bid Analysis
Bid Package Preparation
Change Order Management
Code Compliance Review and Enforcement
Conflict Resolution
Construction Quality Assurance
Contract Close-out
Contract Supervision
Coordination of O & M Training
Cost Estimates, Budget Preparation
Critical Path Management
Design Development Review
Digital Documentation of Projects
Functional Performance Testing
Goals and Objective Determination
Initial Design and Concept Review
Installation Checklists
Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Long Lead Item Identification and Planning
Operation & Maintenance Manual Compilation
Payment Certifications
Progress Meetings
Regulatory Requirements Management
Risk and Contingency Analysis
Scope Creep Prevention
Shop Drawing Review
Subcontractor Review and Evaluation
System Test Spot Checks
Testing Records
Value Engineering


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