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The vast network of efficient surface, air, and underground systems that hurl natural resources and people from coast to coast make the United States a global envy. While retrofitting and progressing this labyrinth, Riddick’s core mission is to produce designs that enhance public convenience and safety but that are also environmentally invisible.

Although we design our bridges, dams, water plants, power grids and buildings to last, they are vulnerable to any malicious idiot with a plan. So being, Riddick designs with countermeasures that have ranged from school fire/security systems to an electronic border defense matrix.


Areas of Expertise   Specialties
Parking Decks
Public Works
Recreation Facilities
Security & Protection
Waste Water & Sewage Treatment Plants
Water Treatment Plants
Air Quality Control Services
Bridge Alignment/Geometrical Design
Bridge Fatigue Analysis
Bridge Hydraulics
Bridge Scour Analysis
Bridge Widening
Buried Tank Removal and Permitting
Capitol Planning & Econ analysis
Concrete Structures
Drainage Improvements
Environmental Risk Assessments
Erosion Control and Repair
Feasibility Studies
Geotechnical Testing
Hazardous Waste Management Studies
Highway Grade Separations/ Interchanges
Highway Grade Widening
Highway Illumination
Hydraulic Modeling
Inflow/Infiltration Studies
Landfill Closure Planning
Landfill Expansion/Capacity Analysis
Landfill Site Selection/Permitting
Master Planning
Materials and Systems Analysis
National Pollution Discharge Elimination - Survey Permitting (NPDES)
Pavement Evaluations
Pavement Sealing
Permitting Services
Pollution Prevention
Powerhouse Design
Property Records Search and Review
Rail Structures - Light and Heavy
Recycling and Resource Reclamation
Retaining Walls
Retention Ponds
Scheduling and cost analysis
Security Threat Assessment
Security Risk Mitigation
Security Dark Lighting
Security Video Surveillance
Security Intrusion Detection
Seismic Analysis
Site Development Planning
Site Evaluation/Selection Services
Sludge Treatment
Solid Waste Management Studies
Storm Drainage
Surveying and Mapping
Switchyards & Substations
Topsoil Management
Traffic analysis
Transient Pressure Analysis
Waste Minimization Analysis
Waste Water Headworks
Water Intakes
Water Outlet Structures
Water Quality Monitoring


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