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Heavy Industry

Our client’s profit is bound by meeting production and quality goals while maintaining a safe manageable system. These needs fuel our focus as we leverage our diverse and comprehensive industrial background and work with our client to deliver a life-cycle solution.

Riddick pioneers in concept to commissioning for energy production, material handling & processing, and machine design. We are adept in a broad spectrum of environments from explosive or radioactive to clean-room or FDA sterility. As DOT registered engineers & inspectors, we are also intimate with CFR 49 and cargo system design.


Areas of Expertise   Specialties
Advanced Technology R&D Centers
Aerospace Research Facilities
Aluminum Process Plants
Assembly and Manufacturing Facilities
Central Cooling & Heating Plants
Chemical Plants
Clinical Manufacturing Plants
Diesel Generator plants
Food & Beverage Processing Plants
Fuel Production Plants
Hazardous Waste Processing Plants
Incinerator plants
Pharmaceutical Plants
Power Plants - Coal, Nuclear, Biomass, Water, Geothermal , Solar
Steel Mills
Textile Plants
Weapons Research Plants
Loading Facilities
Acid Waste Neutralization Systems
Actuator Systems -
Air, Electromechanical, Hydrualic, Screw
Alumina Handling Systems
Ammonia Systems
Anti-Terrorism Design
Autoclave Design
Blast Resistant & Containment Design
Boiler Retrofits
Bulk Material Handling
Chemical Delivery Systems
Chemical Synthesis, Separation & Purification
Clean Rooms - Class 100,000 to 1
Coal Conversion
Communication Systems
Compressed Air - Dry, Oil Free, Clean,
                           Medical Grade
Compressor Stations
Conveyors - Belt, Bucket, Chain, Roller, Screw,
                   Spreader, Vibrators
Cooling Tower Arrays
Cryogenic Processing
Dust and fume collection
Energy Business Planning
Energy load shifting
Energy load aggregation
Energy Rate Negotiations - Regulated &
Energy Systems Analysis
Equipment Condition Evaluation
Equipment Installation Engineering
Ethanol Production Processes
Explosive Safety
Explosives Storage
Facility Programming
Facility Security & Safe Guards
Fire Protection
Fire/Security Alarm Systems
Gas Systems - Specialty Inert, Corrosive,
Gas Systems- Flammable, Pyrophoric and Toxic
Grain Alcohol Production Processes
High Purity Gas Applications
HVAC Supply, Exhaust & Industrial Filtration
Industrial Information Systems
Instrumentation and Control Systems
Laboratories - Biosafety Level I, II, III, IV
Laboratories - Chemical and Radiological
Lifting - Air, Electromechanical, Hydrualic,
Lighting & Dimming Systems
Lightning Protection
Logistics & Industrial Engineering
Machine design
Meter Stations
Motion Systems - Linear, Rotary, Positioning
Operations Design
Pipeline Technology
Piping Stress Design
Plant Rehabilitation
Pneumatic and Compressed Air Systems
Power Cogeneration
Power Generation/Transmission
Power Systems - Emergency Plant Generation
Power Systems - High Availability & Online UPS systems
Pressure Vessel Design
Process Cooling Chill Water Systems
Process Piping
Pumping Stations
Radioactive Hazard Protection
Radiological Monitoring
Radiological Shielding Design
Red Phosphorous Production Processes
Refrigeration Systems
Remote Handling Systems
RF/EMP Shielding
Risk Management Planning
SCADA Systems
Servo systems
Space Utilization
Steam Production/Distribution
Storage Tanks
Structural Analysis
Structural Rigging Hoisting & Lift Systems
Structured Cabling Systems
Switchyards & Substations
Thermal Storage Systems and Applications
Time and Motion Studies
UV Sterilization Systems
Vacuum - Proccess, Medical, Wet HouseVacuum
Waste Heat Recovery Systems
Water Deionization/Reverse Osmosis/Ultrafiltration
Water Distribution


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